5-Dec-2007 Updated All MSA Coverage Maps

Every few months, the MSA coverage maps are refreshed to incorporate the latest changes in the FCC database and to include any corrections sent in by helpful readers.  The computers have been busy over the last couple of months putting together this latest update and now the new files are available for download.  All the links in the Coverage Maps area and the Callsign List have been updated.

28-Oct-2007 Added Compass Readings to Radar Plots
The radar plots now include magnetic north readouts for all of you who are using a compass to point your antennas.  The plot itself now has a red "N" showing the direction of magnetic north.  Your compass needle will point toward this "N" and you should be able to get your bearings that way.  Exact azimuth readings are also included in the details for each transmitter.
21-Oct-2007 Fixed broken Comcast links
Comcast has decided to completely change their web publishing system and at the moment, it looks like that system is either broken or crippled during their upgrade process.  Their entire upgrade process has been executed rather badly (no details about the changes, no communication regarding scheduled down times, and now no working system, both old and new).  Some of the links on this site were reference through Comcast, so those links were not working for a few days.  I've relocated all of the affected files, so hopefully all the links are working again.  If you come across any links that are still not working, please let me know!
12-Oct-2007 Migration to new servers

TV Fool is now running on a new set of servers.

With the growing popularity of this site, it was necessary to migrate to a better setup.  Some of you may have noticed some site availability issues during the transition, but I think everything is back in order now.  I apologize for any inconvenience that the outages may have caused, but hopefully you'll be rewarded with a more responsive and scalable system now.

If you notice any glitches in the system, please let me know.  You can either use the "Contact Us" button in the menus or send email to tvfool (at) gmail (dot) com.


24-Aug-2007 All TV Fool Coverage Map available as a single torrent

A new torrent containing the complete collection of TV Fool Coverage Map packages has been made available.  This single download contains all 276 of the Metro packages for those users who want to own the entire collection.

Please note that the Metro packages will be refreshed every few months, so downloading this file is not for everyone.  It's HUGE and takes many hours or days to complete (depending on your connection speed) and it occupies 12.1 GB of disk space.  Since the files go through occasional updates, you should really consider whether or not downloading this file is right for you.  For those of you who still think you want it all, the link to the torrent can be found at the end of the Metro list in the Coverage Maps area.

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