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Signal analysis toolHave you ever wondered what television signals are being broadcast in your area?  Perhaps you've recently purchased a new HDTV and you're looking for some High Definition content.  Or maybe you're just looking for some additional sources to compliment your existing cable and/or satellite services.  Well, here's a tool that can analyze your location to help determine what FREE broadcasts might be available in your neighborhood.

This tool can help answer questions like

  • Which broadcasters are transmitting locally?
  • How far are the transmitters from me?
  • Which direction should I point my antenna?
  • How strong are the signals in my area?
  • What analog and digital channels are available?

If you'd like to check your location, then...

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Note: This uses the same processing techniques that are used in generating the coverage maps except that this analysis is done with much greater precision.  The coverage maps are great for seeing general signal trends, but this tool can provide a more precise reading for your specific location.  If you would like additional information, you can also check out the Signal Analysis FAQ.

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