16-Jun-2007 Coverage Maps for 57 metros have been updated

57 previously released metros have been reprocessed to receive the latest updates.  Updates include fixes for some transmitter records, the inclusion of network affiliation in the information balloons, other feature enhancements that have been added in recent weeks, and any updates that have been entered into the FCC database.  The list of updated metro packages include

Las Vegas, NV
Columbus, OH
Charlotte, NC
New Orleans, LA
Salt Lake City, UT
Greensboro, NC
Austin, TX
Nashville, TN
Providence, RI
Raleigh, NC
Hartford, CT
Buffalo, NY
Memphis, TN
West Palm Beach, FL
Jacksonville, FL
Rochester, NY
Grand Rapids, MI
Oklahoma City, OK
Louisville, KY
Richmond, VA
Greenville, SC
Dayton, OH
Fresno, CA
Birmingham, AL
Honolulu, HI
Albany, NY
Tucson, AZ
Tulsa, OK
Syracuse, NY
Omaha, NE
Albuquerque, NM
Knoxville, TN
El Paso, TX
Bakersfield, CA
Allentown, PA
Harrisburg, PA
Scranton, PA
Toledo, OH
Baton Rouge, LA
Youngstown, OH
Springfield, MA
Sarasota, FL
Little Rock, AR
McAllen, TX
Stockton, CA
Charleston, SC
Wichita, KS
Mobile, AL
Columbia, SC
Colorado Springs, CO
Fort Wayne, IN
Daytona Beach, FL
Lakeland, FL
Johnson City, TN
Lexington, KY
Augusta, GA
Melbourne, FL 

 For the complete list of available metros and their download links, visit the Coverage Maps area.

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