6-Nov-2008 Added Terrain Profile Detail feature (NEW!)

We are pleased to announce the addition of a new terrain profile feature to the Signal Analysis Reports.  Now, when you click on a transmitter record in the table of the report, you will be taken to a detailed view for that transmitter.  It will show you some transmitter stats as well as an picture of the terrain profile that exists between your location and the transmitter.  We're excited about this new feature because now you can:

  • Find out what kind of terrain obstructions exist between you and the transmitters
  • Check which FCC records (ERP, location, etc.) are actually being used in the simulations
  • "See" what the signals are doing in the air with the color coded signal strength in the air

This is a very new feature, so if you notice any problems or issues, please send us feedback so that we can make things better.

We hope you enjoy this new peek at your OTA world!

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