See Which TV Stations You Can Get on a Map
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Interactive mapsNow you can check your location for free TV with our interactive mapping tool.  See the local TV transmitters on a map and check their signal strengths.  This tool give you all our latest database updates, coverage maps, and signal analysis on a dynamic map with lots of information about every transmitter right at your fingertips.  This tool will let you do all of the following:

  • List available channels for any location
  • Adjust the location being analyzed (to fix address lookup errors)
  • Play "what-if" scenarios with different antenna heights
  • See the direction of each transmitter to help you point your antenna
  • Overlay coverage maps for each station
  • Generate a summary report, which can be shared, printed, or saved for future reference

To see maps of your area, click...

>> Start MAPS <<

Note1: The propagation modeling algorithms are the same as those used to generate our coverage maps and Signal Analysis reports and does take into account the effects of terrain, transmitter power, and other factors.  For more details, please see our Signal Analysis FAQ .

Note2: This tool uses Javascript to download and display maps and overlays.  A modern browser, high speed internet connection, and high resolution display (1024x768 or higher) are recommended for the best experience.  For slow connections, you can use our more bandwidth-friendly Signal Analysis Tool.

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