7-Jul-2009 Rollback of some records in FCC data

Since the FCC has recently started adding many new records to their database, many transmitters were showing up in the TV Fool analysis results even though they are not on the air yet.  Many of these FCC applications will presumably begin operation over the next few months, but including them in the reports now just creates a lot of confusion.

For the moment, we've decided to back off from these latest database records and try to only include records that are currently operational (to the best of our knowledge) rather than project what transmitters might be online sometime in the future.  As always, if you notice any errors in the active database, just let us know and we'll be happy to correct them.

Coverage overlays are currently being processed offline and will take several days to finish.  If you notice any missing or incorrect coverage overlays, please be patient while we process the map updates.  Due to the processing time required for overlay generation, they will always lag behind the live database by a bit.  The online signal analysis tools will reflect the latest database changes immediately.

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