19-Jul-2009 Change to reporting options

Now that the June 12th analog shutdown has come and gone, there's not much sense in looking at current and post-transition reports in the Signal Analysis Tool.  So as of today, the report output will take on a slightly different meaning.  The report output will now include an analysis for "current" transmitters as well as "current + pending" transmitters.  This latter option will include any pending applications on file with the FCC.

The new "current + pending" analysis will let you see the effects of transmitter changes that are still "in the pipeline".  This includes things like power maximization requests, channel change requests, translator/booster updates, and technologies on the horizon (e.g., Distributed Transmission Networks, ATSC Mobile/Handheld, etc.).  If a local broadcaster has requested a change to improve their coverage, here's a way for you to peek into the future to see how those changes might affect you.

Please keep in mind that the analysis of pending applications is purely speculative.  Until the FCC actually processes these applications and either grants, modifies, or rejects them, there's no guarantee that these changes will be allowed.  If the FCC grants any of these requests, they will eventually become part of the main database and show up in the analysis for "current" stations.

The reporting changes can be seen in both the "radar plot" Signal Analysis Tool as well as the "interactive" TV Maps tool.

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