Interactive TV Coverage Browser

This is a mapping tool that will let you browse the TV transmitters in your area and see their coverage maps.  Channel reception is estimated using the same 3D propagation modeling algorithms that are used throughout this site, but the results are presented in a more visual and dynamic format.

NOTE: Due to the visual and interactive nature of this tool, it is only recommended for people with a high speed internet connection and a high resolution display (1024x768 or higher).  If your connection speed or screen resolution is limited, you can still get detailed reports from our more bandwidth-friendly Signal Analysis Tool.

Find TV Signals

To begin using this tool, please provide a starting location (you can adjust the location more precisely once the maps are displayed).

Select input method: Address or Coordinates

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Latitude: This value should be entered in decimal degree format (dd.ddddd)
(e.g., 37.98765), not to be confused with formats consisting of degrees, minutes, and/or seconds
Longitude: This value should be entered in decimal degrees (-dd.ddddd) and should be negative for locations inside the U.S.
(e.g., -95.98765)